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The construction team.

The view from our inn.

The drinking water tap stand.

Students discussing design plans.

Students measuring the elevation to determine where to place tanks.

Foundation and retaining wall for the 10,000L storage tank. 

Students and community members working together to dig holes for the tank foundations.

Foundation for the filtration system.

Pipe connections between the filtration tank and the clean water storage tank (the filtration system).

Sand layer in the filtration tank with the float valve installed.

Construction of the filtration enclosure to prevent contamination and protect from sunlight.

Gravel layer in the filtration tank.

Filtration tank with the float valve closed due to high water level.

Copy of PHOTO-2022-11-25-10-15-57.jpg

Completed filtration enclosure.

Gutters and downspouts on the building.

Top-down photo of first flush tank and storage tank.

Drainage gravel trench for overflow.

Checking and using the handwashing station.

Kids playing on a hill nearby the school.

Passing by lake Kivu on the way to the community. Despite the very hilly terrain, many people transport water and other goods on their bikes.

Phil and Jacob walking through the village.

Phil and JP getting parts from the local hardware store.

Our meals usually included potatoes, meat, rice, beans, and a vegetable. This dish with carrots and noodles was delicious.

The fresh produce was delicious! We had pineapple almost everyday.

We were all impressed with how much bigger the avocados are in Rwanda compared to the ones we have in California.

Eating lunch together at the inn. 

Standing at the front entrance of the school.

Having dinner next to Lake Kivu at the end of our trip.

Celebrating after our last day of work at the school.

Exchanging gifts and shirts after finishing construction.

On the way to Akagera National Park.

Group of giraffes moving through the savannah.

Rare lion spotting in the park.

Two zebras grazing in the grass.

Very curious herd of impalas.

Posing in front of the land cruiser.

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